P & R Ice Cream

 1284 Blue Hill Ave
Mattapan, MA

P+R ice cream

P + R, i’d have to say, has the best ice cream around! their mango and Ginger ice creams are the richest, creamiest ice cream I’ve ever tasted! the ice cream is not only good, but their patty and coco bread are the best I’ve ever had! the only flaws to their restaurant are the prices and seating. the atmosphere is the classic Jamaican baker and the prices are a little high but other than that i would give them four stars!

Patty and Coco Bread

The patty and Coco bread is the greatest of all of Mattapan and Boston! The patty is nice and warm in the bread and the Jamaican cheese is creamy and melts with the heat.

Mango ice cream

The creamiest and fruitiest in Boston!

Ginger ice cream

Very strong ginger taste!

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