Slaytons Barbecue & Creamery

 806 Village Center Dr
Colorado Springs, CO

Why did you go fancy?

Walking into the restaurant we first noticed the change. They added a bar and took away the order window. We were seated and handed menus. We tried to keep an open mind, but the wait staff was annoying by ending every statement with a question. Don’t you just love the change???? etc. The food that used to be served on butcher paper on a tray was now served on plates. That was ok in my mind, but why did they sprinkle parsley all over it, and add a red pepper. I never minded getting my own drink refills or BBQ sauce. It’s still a BBQ joint, and unless they add carpet, and different seating I’m not sure that it added anything to have servers. The acoustics in the restaurant echo and when at least 6 workers belted out a Happy Birthday song I wanted to get up and leave. The food was still tasty, however the servings seemed skimpy. The beans used to have chunks of beef in them and that was gone. We have decided that if we need good BBQ we will either get it when we go to Kansas City, or do a pick up order and take it home from Slaytons. If you want to go upscale Slaytons, go visit Jack Stack in Kansas City for some pointers. If you just want good BBQ, what you had before was fine.

2 meat plate

Chicken did not taste smoked. Beans didn’t have meat anymore. Potato Salad was wonderful. No bread served with a meat plate but server brought us some. Sprinkled parsley on things…WHY?

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Kckid ate 2 meat plate at Slaytons Barbecue & Creamery