Paulie's Pub and Eatery

 8031 W Greenfield Ave
West Allis, WI

Fish Fry Friday

I was actually surprised by how good the baked fish was. Some may have not like how much lemon pepper was on their fish but I really enjoyed the heavier amount. Could have had a bit more paprika.
I went with the fries that were…well..fries
The potato pancakes looked good. We had a large group so there was some confusion of who had what when the food arrived. Go early to make sure you have a chance at all options as they did run out of the red potatoes when we were trying to order. Overall a good experience.

fish fry



Mission BBQ

 18340 West Bluemound Road
Brookfield, WI

I was looking forward to this one...

I had heard good things about Mission Bbq. However I wasn’t too impressed. Place looks like a Dickies Bbq place. Same order at a counter and wait until your name is called format. There wasn’t a line behind me as I reviewed the menu above the counter. I decided on the brisket sandwich listed above the chopped brisket sandwich. Bbq beans and french fries. As I mentioned, there wasn’t a line behind me but another couple did order about the same time I did. I thought the wait time was a little long as I had time to get my sweet tea (not bad, not hard to screw unless it sits too long), scope out a place to sit and wait. Finally name is called. I pick up my food and return to my table. I take off the top bun in anticipation of trying the 6 Bbq sauces in a 6 pack on the table. I look down at chopped brisket. I take it to the counter and ask what is the difference is between the 2 brisket sandwiches on the menu. They did offer to fix it and for me to keep the first sandwich if I wanted it. The person cutting the brisket was already cutting the brisket for my replacement sandwich…in chunks again! She was stopped by someone who I thought knew better as far as how to slice brisket. I was told they would being it to me. Off to my table I go. Meanwhile more and more people are arriving. Ordering and waiting. My replacement sandwich arrives with an apology. I take off the top bun and ro my surprise I look down upon chopped brisket again. I wanted a nice sliced brisket sandwich. I really wanted to find a manager at this point but if there was one they do not stand out amongst the rest of the staff. At this point there were several customers waiting for their good as just as many waiting to order. As I watched, the staff was hovering over food waiting to be distributed but seemed confused as to which food belonged to which customers. What I did eat was good. The beans were tasty but I have had better at Double Bs in West Allis. (Also the Double Bs sliced brisket sandwich and sauces are way better!) Probably will not return. If I want to order in a line and retrieve my food when called I will go to Dickies Bbq. Or if i truly want good bbq and a better dining experience (see my Double Bs review) I will go to Double Bs!!!

"Sliced?" Brisket sandwich



Outback Steakhouse

 1260 S Moorland Rd
Brookfield, WI

It was ok

4 course meal.
Soup and salad came out together. Shortly followed by the entrees.
Almost ran out of room at our table. I was shocked that the deserts didn’t show up soon after. French onion soup was very good. Servers were good but I had nothing left in my ice tea glass by the time I got to my entree and no offer for a refill.

French Onion Soup


Outback Special (6 oz.)



Double B's Bbq & Burgers

 7420 W Greenfield Ave
Milwaukee, WI


I don’t get to this part of town very often, but when I do I always try to stop here.
I ordered one sandwich for dinner and one for lunch at work tomorrow. I asked the server which sandwich would be better/easier to reheat the next day. The chef personally wrote up a few tips on the best way to reheat my lunch. He even included a container of ajus so the meat wouldn’t be dry. Wow! Talking about going above and beyond. The server was very good as well!

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