New York Water Bagel Company

 542 Fischer Boulevard
Toms River, NJ


THIS HAS TO BE A JOKE GUY!! First of all I would like to just inform everyone that New York Water Bagel Company is just what the Jersey Shore needed! Growing up in Brooklyn, NY where the best bagels are made for 25 years before moving to Toms RIver; I can be the first to tell an amazing bagel to an average or horrible bagel. New York Water Bagel Company happens to have AMAZING bagels, I stop in every morning on my drive to work, the friendly cashier doesn’t even ask for my name anymore because they know me from coming in so often. I go every weekend and buy at least 2 dozen for my family. Having a house right by the water we often have many visitors, both friends and family. Not once did I ever come home with bagels from New York Water Bagel Company and have anyone complain about bad bagels. I just have a question for you, buddy below me; TERRAGANI’S OWNER? OR FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER OF THE OWNER OF TERRAGANI’S? Every single person that has ever been in the store while I am in there seems nothing but satisfied. As for the readers of these reviews, before New York Water Bagel Company opened my son and I were interested in possibly opening and bagel shop and pizzeria and looked around the area for any for sale. We didn’t have much luck finding any that were already established for sale. The real estate agent gave us a call a few months later (shortly after New York Water Bagel Company was opened) and told me the location of a bagel store that was for sale. WHAT A SHOCKER IT IS TERRAGANI’S! New York Water Bagel Company obviously must have had some impact on them for him to all of a sudden be closing. That comment made my night by laughing so hard! The employees at New York Water Bagel Company can’t do enough for you, I have walked in when they are just about closing and still they made me my sandwich. One thing I can honestly say about this bagel store is they always make me and the other customers feel as if we are their main priority. It is the new favorite neighborhood bagel store. I will continue to go to New York Water Bagel Company every day!

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