Mananas Mexiican Food

 1137 Main St
Ramona, CA

Pure Crap...Awful Attitude from Woman at Drive Thru

Awful… never again will I give this place a dime of my money. I waited OVER 30 minutes in their dive thru with a $150 dollars worth of groceries in my truck last night. When I got to the window I expressed my frustration with having to wait and requested some sort of good faith gesture on their part; what I got was a bevy of excesses as to why it was not this woman’s fault, she then proceeds to tell me that I don’t have to buy the food. I tell her that I will buy the food but that I will be writing my experience with her on every dam website I can find, she of course doesn’t care, tells me to go ahead and after she runs my card tells me that I better not get an attitude with her; this is about when I lost it. Funny how after they take your money their freedom of speech kicks in. NEVER AGAIN WILL I EVER GO HERE AGAIN, and I will sleep good at night knowing that it will not be my hard earned dollars feeding these B*@n&$ twenty kids’ mouths.

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