Joe Huber Family Farm & Restaurant

 2421 Scottsville Rd
Starlight, IN


My husband and I had no plans for this beautiful autumn day and decided to make the trip down to Starlight, Indiana to visit the Joe Huber Farm which includes a restaurant that is known for its home cooked meals. You will want to get some good directions from the website or get out the GPS because it is not sitting next to a highway like a Cracker Barrell! It is worth the trip though and the scenery is nice. It is a huge place and accommodates a lot of diners…a good thing because this was a Tuesday and even then, there were 4 huge buses of senior citizens taking up 10 super long tables! And there was still loads of room to spare.

The full Fall menu can be found on their website so you can decide before you go just what you want to eat and you will still be hemming and hawing when the waitress arrives for the order! Ours came with a basket of yeast biscuits dusted with confectioner’s sugar and apple butter to hold us over while we finished deciding.

My husband started with the country ham and added a cup of the vegetable beef soup and a side of Waldorf salad. He said the soup was so good that he didn’t want to spoil it with crackers…a first for him! And the Waldorf salad had big chunks of apple, raisins, celery, and walnut halves.

I chose the fried chicken livers which arrived with a small bowl of their white gravy to dip them in…what a terrific idea! I also had a bowl of fresh lima beans and another of chicken and dumplings! Everything was delicious and we shared bites of all the items. We might have made our way through more of it than we did, but we packed up generous portions in boxes to take home because we had already determined that we were not leaving before we shared a piece of the home made coconut meringue pie. It did not disappoint. It was still warm, the crust was crispy and even the meringue was perfect…not usually my favorite part of the pie.

I can’t end without complimenting the wait staff who are all swift with their service, kind to all of us seniors, and doing it all with big smiles on their faces.

We quite enjoyed ourselves and will probably work in an annual drive down to do it again!

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