Ivy's Bridge

 462 El Camino Real
Tustin, CA

Great Food!!

I found Ivy’s 17 years ago. My son was loosing his hearing & my girlfriend told me to take him to Ivy’s. She is an Iridologist not a Dr. The Doctors said I would have to learn sign language as he was going deaf; they even operated on him & put tubes in his ears & he still couldn’t hear. I told her nothing! Ivy looked in his eyes & said OH MY he is loosing his hearing he has milk allergies get him off all dairy! Then she looked in my eyes & said this is where he gets his Milk allergies you have a headache! I had a headache my whole life! Well we both got off dairy his hearing came back within 30 days & I haven’t had a headache in 17 years. We would like to live @ Ivy’s! Food is Great & so is our health!

Chicken Walnut Salad

Excellent Chicken Salad non other like Ivy’s!

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