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LOVE to eat out but I am quality demanding


Pappagallo Pizza

 Florida A1 A
Satellite Beach, FL

Soggy Pizza without toppings

Pappagallo’s Pizza
Soggy Pizza without toppings

We ordered a pizza with pineapple and ham. I told the waitress to let them know I didn’t wanted the pizza soggy in the center due to the pineapple. She assured me it wouldn’t be a problem. I received a pizza totally soaked through (if you lift the slice it bends completely over, yes, completely!!!) with barely 3 ham pieces (some pieces 2 ham pieces) same with the pineapple pieces. Really????
I passed by and missed it the first time, then we saw it and I had a bad feeling but trusted this website and went in to discover my gut feeling was right about this little dirty looking place… horrible.



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