720 Clark St
Evanston, IL

Clark's not so good customer service

The food was okay, I got the omelette which I also got with the potatoes and pancakes. The pancakes came with a lot of powdered sugar (this was not listed in the menu or I would have asked for them without), so I gave them back immediately. The server did ask if I wanted them remade, to which I said no. Later she did again ask me if I was sure I did not want the pancakes, I still said no. Everyone knows that one runs a risk in sending food back to be remade or fixed when it’s not what you asked for or what you expected, that something else is “added” or your food is spit in. So, no I did not want “new” pancakes.

So, then I got the bill, it was for the full price. I had expected some kind of adjustment to show on there or a lesser item to compensate. When I mentioned this to the host when I went to pay, she advised she had to check with the server for permission to adjust it because the price is for the meal I ordered. Mind that the server is fully aware I returned the pancakes, so how is that fair?

I just paid the bill of about $13 as it was and left as it didn’t appear there was anything the server was going to do as she already hadn’t taken it upon herself to make a price adjustment.


Omelette and potatoes were okay.

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