Atlanta's Best Wings

 3557 Memorial Dr
Decatur, GA

The poor customer services outweighs great food

My family and I have been to this location on several occasions, finding the chicken, fries, and other sides to taste wonderful, however we no longer can support this establishment because of the constant disrespect we had received. On several occasions in the past 3 years we have waited nearly an hour for our wings to be cooked, although we were promised a 15 minute wait. After the second to the last time of placing an order over the phone, we told them that if the food were not ready in thirty minutes, we would take our business elsewhere. They understood then and had the food out in less than thirty minutes. Whoever we speak each and every time over the phone is very rude and arrogant, he or she either talked down to us or told us what we could only assume were lies about the menu and service. We tried to ignore it for as long as we could because the food is delicious and nearby until New Year’s Eve we decided to order wings for a New Year’s celebration. We viewed the menu online on different yellow page sites including Menuism to make sure what would be affordable. On all five or more yellow page/menu listing sites, a 40 pc wing w/ two sides order was a little bit under $17 ($16.79 to be exact). However, we called up there and the person treated us as if we were stupid when we stated the price we expected to pay. She told us the order was nearly $27 and the menu on Google was ten years old and could not be corrected no matter how much they tried. I cannot fathom why the menu has not be corrected on different sites listing the same prices, nor why different Atlanta Best Wings’ locations charge differently for the same menu items. Also this store is nowhere near ten years old. Apparently there has been FALSE ADVERTISEMENT of what being posted on several menu sites to the actual prices being charged at this location.

40 Pcs With 2 Sides

Good food regardless of everything else. However it is soured by the poor customer service experience and bait-and-switch pricing.

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