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Phong Dinh Restaurant

 2643 San Gabriel Blvd
Rosemead, CA

Dinner as Fear Factor

Am I glad that I ate at Phong Dinh? Yes
Would I recommend that you give Phong Dinh a try? Perhaps

If you like Chinese food and have ever wondered what your favorite dishes would be like with exotic proteins than Phong Dinh should be in your crosshairs. To be fair, Phong Dinh as a Chinese restaurant is pretty good. Unfortunately being “pretty good” and being located in the San Gabriel Valley doesn’t help set this restaurant apart from the myriad of Chinese food emporiums. Exotic game to the rescue.

Our meal started off in a mainstream direction with their specialty, the Baked Catfish. This dish is very well prepared and flavorful. The waiter skillfully debones the whole fish carcass at your table, very nice. What you are left with are moist and tasty fillets of catfish.

When it comes to Ground Ostrich, Diced Venison, Kangaroo, Boar and Alligator, I think these exotic meats may just distract you from some pretty well prepared food. But if trying these meats appeals to you and you like Chinese cooking, what better way to celebrate this unique combination.

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