Brandy's World Famous Hot Dogs

 1377 Church Street Ext Ne
Marietta, GA

A hidden gem near the Marritta Square

Known for their spicy hot dogs, Brandi’s serves it’s clientele, packed in to capacity everyday they’re open, the best chilidogs in Atlanta. I know; everybody tells you to go to the Varsity when you’re in Atlanta, but the truth is, the Varsity can’t compare to the simple, down-home good cookin’ of Brandi’s World Famous Hotdogs. Be carefull, though; Brandi’s not kidding around with the spices. The hot dogs themselve are spicy and the chilli’s even spicier, so if you’re not prepared, you’ll be guzzling your sweet tea to calm your tastebuds. You might be better served ordering a slaw dog to cut the spice, and definitely order plain fries or onion rings to cool your tongue down. For the most tame of taste buds, order a hamburger; no spiciness there. If the chilli dogs aren’t quite spicy enough, well, they keep plenty tabasco sauce on hand to liven things up for you, and you’ll enjoy the chilli cheese fries made with the same spicy chili that goes on the dogs. Be sure to order a fried apple or peach pie.

Chili Dog

As spicy as I can handle, and then a bit more; The best hot-dog in Atlanta, but you’ll never know till you try ’em.

Fried Apple Pie

Go a head and order it with your meal; it takes a few minutes to cook and it’ll still be piping hot when you finish your dogs. It’s a simple, favorite treat I love to indulge in any time I visit Brandi’s


Hoboken Bread & Bagel Co

 1033 Sandy Plains Rd Ste G
Marietta, GA

Best Deli and Bagel shop in Marietta!

Hoboken, while small in seating size, is huge in taste and portion size; I’ve tried other delis around town and have come to the conclusion that Hoboken is the best there is. George, one of the owners, claims they have the best chicken salad sandwich in the world, and while that may seem a grand claim, I’ve yet to find any better. All the food at Hoboken is great, and the portions are huge, so you get a great deal for your money. One of my favorites is the egg-salad sandwich, a dish I normally do not enjoy when eating out, but Hoboken’s is even better than mom’s homemade! The owners are very warm and friendly, and they get to know their customers very well. They’re also my go-to guys for holiday treats! One last thing: you have to get a Cranberry Bravarian Cream Muffin when you visit!

Sausage egg and cheese Bagel

Great start to the day and my “regular” order at Hoboken; I pair this with a orange juice and it’s one of the tastiest, most economical meals to get me going!

The Marietta

The Marietta is Hoboken’s signature Chicken Salad Sandwich with generous amounts of chicken, grapes and pecans. I know some nay-sayers who don’t like grapes in their chicken salad; verily, I was one of them. Trust me, you can’t imagine how good this is. You’ve got to try it!

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