Manny's Pizza & Sub Shop

 10592 Metropolitan Ave
Kensington, MD

Dang Good Gyros Subs & Fries, But Not Very Easy on the Eyes!

Don’t let the appearance deter you. Manny’s is, well…shabby, but while easily mistaken as just a local dive, Manny’s more than makes up for appearances.
The food is good to very good, it’s inexpensive and fresh, and everybody’s super polite and friendly. You’re truly treated like a friend.

You know how grumpy the cooks and cashiers at Subway and Jerry’s are sometimes? I’ve not seen that at Manny’s. I’ve also never had anything that tastes questionable or “off”.

They have a fairly short menu of subs, pizza, and their specialty, gyros. They even have a really tasty vegetarian gyro made with feta and asparagus, a welcome change from the typical vegetarian option of american cheese/sprout heavy sub found in most delis. That said, their steak and cheese sub appears to be the local favorite.

The servings are generous. I don’t have a copy of the menu so some of my prices might be a little off. The heaping helping of fries, topped with Old Bay, are only $1.25 for the regular size. The fries are twice as thick as McDonald’s and they give you 1 1/2 times as many as the McD’s dollar menu size. Most of the subs and gyros range from $6-8.00, fries and onion rings are $1.25-2.50 as I recall. Pizza prices escape me at the moment, but I think they were in the $12+ range.

There’s not much seating, and ESPN is always on.

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