Firefly... An American Bistro

 152 Main Street
Manasquan, NJ

Red Bank quality in 'Squan

Never have written a review but the places in this current location (see Mixx) seem to come and go so hopefully this will inspire someone to try the place. The decor was cute; overall the place seemed very inviting with a gorgeous stone fireplace as the centerpeice of the dining room and plenty of window seats for people watching. The exterior is eye catching and is matched by an almost whimsical interior. I would suggest losing the mustard yellow napkins though, yikes! The place is very new so I came with somewhat limited expectations while they worked the kinks out. Here goes.

Service was exceptional and I felt my patronage was truly appreicated as the chef came out to check in and numerous others were on top of keeping us content. We ordered the crab cake starter ($12) which had plenty of flavor and was pretty good (although a little watery for our taste.) I ordered the “cheese steak” which is a filet mignon dish with a gouda cheese sauce which was incredible. It was the best steak I have had out in months, if not years. My fiance got sea scallops which were just ok, nothing wrong with them per se, just nothing too special about them either. She agreed though that the steak was the kind you chew slowly and let the miles of flavor run through your senses. For dessert, and we NEVER order dessert, we got the ring ding for two which was probably made for four people but was 1 part large and 5 parts delicious. Basically a hard chocolate shell housing a layered choc cake and mousse. Worth it for taste though a tad pricey at $10. On a side note, it looked like a child from the family next to us got chicken fingers that were set up on sticks and arranged in a bowl which really caught our eye. That might be enough to drag my 6 year old with us next time.

All in all, we agreed it’s nice to have a NYC quality establishment within a short walk from our front door. For $77, this BYOB offers good to exceptional food for fair prices. To be honest, we were kind of rooting for the place so please take that into consideration but I can assure you this is a place worth trying. And best of luck to Chef Lou and his staff, you’re off to a fine start!


The dish is fantastic, and well worth the price. The steak was cooked perfectly and the cheese sauce was the perfect accent to a very well done (no pun intended) steak, which I ate cooked medium. The dish was served with a onion string topping over the steak and a mashed blue potato and sauteed leeks which I thought added some flare to the plate (and tasted good.) I very rarely order steak out because I can grill it as well as anyone else one my own but I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. If it’s available, give it a try.

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