Pancho Villa's Grill

 401 E 5th St
Tucson, AZ

Made us SIck

They served us under cooked chicken and we got sick. There special was chicken so my fiance got it. once he realized that it was undercooked we had to track someone down because they did not bring us or check I asked for our check and said brought it to their attention that the chicken was undercooked the waitress looked at it and said oh my let me see what we can do about that and took it to the back. Then another woman came up to her and was very rude to her and said first of all it is not raw and it is eaten. So I brought to her attention that the outside of the chicken was cooked and the center was not and that we did not want to be compensated for the raw chicken but just wanted to bring it to their attention because it could make someone sick. She argued with me so I said could you just give me out check so we can go she still argued. It was the worst experience we have had at a restaurant and my fiance is still sick and has a stomachache from the under cooked chicken. Our waitress was very nice the resturant horriable.


It was undercooked and made my fiance sick. It was red in the center

Tamales (Red)

Over cooked and the outside was the consistancy of couscos and fell apart. The tortilla chips were good though…

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