Apollo Pizza

 28 N Manoa Rd
Havertown, PA

The Best Pizza In Havetown

I have lived in Havertown all my life and must say that Apollo Pizza is the best pizza in Havertown.

The prices are all reasonable and the quality is superb. I love the pizza sauce as it is different than most pizza places as the sauce has a rather sweet taste to it. The cheese is also as good as any other pizza places and it is also not greasy. I don’t know about others but i can’t stand when other pizza places give greasy pizza.

On top of all this the dough is phenominal and it is one of the few pizza places that i have been to where i will actually eat the crust from every slice. I am not big on crusts but the quality is good enough to warrant a delivery or pickup order for any pizza lover as i can’t see how others could find the pizza to be anything but great.

I have never personally ordered anything else but a cheesesteak from their aside from the pizza. But my family has ordered plenty of other things and the quality is always top notch. If you love pizza or want a great sandwich and are in the Havertown area look no further.


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