Foliage Restaurant

 3650 Boston Rd
Lexington, KY

Piss Poor Service

In my past visits I have been, if not happy, then content to eat at this restaurant. The food is sub-par to most places I’ve been, but acceptable for the price. I’ve never encountered any problems with service.
Until Tonight. Normally Foliage is not our go to Chinese place, but being tired and not wanting to travel across town, we decided to frequent it. There were three other couples who left before we were served.
As my Date was vegan, he ordered pad thai with no egg and added tofu. she repeated this order back to us and went to put in the order for our food, It arrived in a timely fashion but there was egg in the pad thai. Having run into this problem before, we asked that it be taken back and remade without egg. it was, however the plate came back smelling like vomit. The smell was horrific. We asked to be able to order a different dish, and our waitress started screaming. I could hear her from the kitchen shouting that it was our fault that we didn’t like the dish, and our fault that the first one had egg. And having never done this before, we walked out. There is no way that I as a polite paying customer am going to allow some upstart server to scream at her customers. This was the worst service that I have ever seen, And I will not be returning.

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