Akahana Asian Bistro

 1308 The Plaza
Charlotte, NC


Service is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE!!!! My sister and I came in and were not greeted upon arrival although there were two hostesses present. We ordered and my sister went to sit at the bar and my sister asked for water, one guy goes to the back to get another waitress who then ignores my sister and a bartender has to get up off her break to get my sister water. But before she gives it to her she says “I mean are you waiting for food or something?” Our rolls come up and no one gets them. We asked the waitress “Are those are rolls?” (After 5 minutes of them sitting up there) the waitress says “I have no idea, I don’t know” and walks away. The hostess comes over and gets our rolls takes them to the desk and let’s them sit there, doesn’t come get us or say anything once she picked up our food. A different waiter comes over and sees our food then bring it to us. I asked for the owner and was told he nor a manager was there. I asked for his name and times he would be in. I was told, he’s in and out you just have to catch him when you catch him. I won’t be dinning there again, I don’t encourage spending money where I’m clearly not welcomed or wanted.

Mt. Fiji Roll

It was great but the service is terrible!

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