Breaud's Seafood & Steak

 121A North Commerce Street
Natchez, MS


Me and my wife went to Breauds for a nice meal, I was wearing a long sleeve shirt and tie, my wife was also dressed up. I ordered the prime rib which was $35, but you cant put a price on good prime rib. Well the prime rib came and it was a gray color but i couldnt wait to eat it. I told my wife that it tasted funny so I asked the waitress if I could get a steak instead so she said sure. A couple of minutes went by and she came back and told me that the owner refused to cook me a steak, so I said ok and was just going to decide on what else to get, then the waitress came back with a to go plate and told my wife we needed to leave. So my wife was putting her uneaten food in the to go plate when the waitress so and I quote " he wants ya’ll to leave right now!" So i asked her if I could talk to the owner and she said just leave he doesnt want to talk to you, now just leave!! I will never eat there again, if the owner gets upset because his prime rib was terrible then thats one thing, but to kick me out because I dont like what I got is just horrible.

Prime rib


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