Pink's Hot Dogs

 709 N La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA

The most unreliably hyped and overrated restaurant in L.A...

I am a hot dog lover and I can’t tell you how many people have over the years told me to eat at Pink’s. I finally did, and the disappointment on my face was visible from bite number 1. I believe that no one that told me to go to Pink’s ever had the hotdog at Costco.

Let’s start now with the many problems at Pink’s and to make it easy to read—I will sequentially number them: 1) Take out a dime from your pocket. Your Pink’s hotdog will not be thicker than the diameter of your dime. It will disappear between the buns. You will wonder if there is a hotdog in your bun. 2) No worries if you burnt your taste buds the day before—the Pink’s hotdog is tasteless. It is the most tasteless hotdog I have ever had in over 35 years of eating hotdogs all over the world, on streets, fairs, and deli’s. 3) Be prepared for a line at all times. The staff monitors the line and will slow down service, and sometimes walk away to make sure that there is always at least two lines in front of the shack so that it looks busy and desirable to everyone passing by or waiting. 4) There are magicians working at Pink’s who have made real chili disappear and reappear as watered down, tasteless slop on your hotdog. I ordered Chili! on the dog and I have no idea what that brown watery stuff was. 5) The Pink’s $5.00 commandment: There shall be no hotdog on the menu that shall sell for less than $5.00. The $5.00 hotdog without anything on it at the ballpark is way, way better my friends. 6) There is nothing fun, exciting or nostalgic about eating at this dump.

So, the next time someone tells YOU to go to Pink’s, claiming that it is such a great hotdog, and they have recently been there—just do one thing: DO NOT trust anything that person ever tells you about food again!

Chili Cheese Dog

Don’t do it—You have been warned!

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Since Pink’s is not your thing, what hot dog stand would you recommend?

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