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Love exploring ethnic enclaves in Los Angeles. We have such diverse and authentic dishes from so many different countries it is overwhelming.

Look for the hole in the wall with grandma cooking and the line of ex pats spilling out the door.


Asa Ramen

 18202 S Western Ave
Gardena, CA

Super Salty Ramen

I went to Asa Ramen in the hopes of finding another splendid version, but I was sadly disapointed.

We started with a lovely tofu salad which was a beautiful block of firm creamy tofu covered in slivered green onion, bonito flakes and a lovely soy based dressing. This was one of my favorite dishes of the night. What followed was a well prepared appetizer of fried chicken wings that was crispy on the outside with tender juicy dark chicken meat on the inside. It was not greasy and I thought was an excellent combination of savory and crunchy. It came with a few baby greens and a little dollop of mayonaise, this was another winner in my book.

After that we were a little disapointed by a yam and green onion in ponzu dish that was very slimy and not terribly flavorful sort of like a room temperature mochi without any flavor. No one found this particularly appealing due to its consistency and its lack of taste.

And finally the soup that had been touted in so many write ups was extremely salty. I added a good couple tablespoons of crushed garlic and some hot sesame oil I had requested and that helped a little but it still remained too salty for my taste. I was also hoping to take the left over soup home and throw in a potato to get out some of the salt but the waitress said no take out was allowed so I felt like I left most of my soup because it was too salty and was not allowed to take it home and repair it. I should have sent it back.

If you are looking for the real thing and a delicious soup I recomend you try Santuko.

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