2451 Broadway
New York, NY

Basically Not A Good Place, Rude Behaviors In Addition..

I would have added another 1/2 star if possible as acknowledgment of the store’s variety and lower prices. ’Can’t not’ mention the often unfresh fruits/veggies/cheeses/meats. The most disturbing part though is the ongoing cutting of the line. There’s a single area, at the left end of the store, designated for a line, obove it a clear sign. It happens ALLOT that locals (almost always belligerent, ‘entitled’, older weman from the neighborhood) would purposefully approach the cashier from the utter other side of the mrt, saving themselves 5-7 min, in front of patiently waiting customers. The line contains 5 to 7 shoppers avaragely. Must add that I witnessed (more exactly – was subjected to) an unacceptable number of blatant line-cutting specially during daytime.
The ladies at the register clearly pretend not to see persons who get to them not from the line’s location at all, always cater to these violators. It’s wrong as stepping on someone’s foot without apologizing. It happens ALLOT also due to lack of polite addressing of these nasties, by cashiers, to ‘find’ the line; it’s too basic-a-courtesy staff has to practice, or learn, incase they perceive such crude disregard to signs/people as normative.

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