CiCi's Pizza Buffet

 1340 Butterfield Rd
Downers Grove, IL

CiCi's Pizza

Good for kids! For 2 adults and 2 kids, it cost us less than $15. They have awesome breadsticks, good pasta, and good pizza. The employees are very friendly.

bread sticks

These breadsticks are awesome!!! Covered with parmesan, and buttery, we can’t stop eating them when we eat here!


Surprisingly, this pasta is prettty good. Nice sauce.


Pretty good pizza, they have lots of different ones to try. My fave is the pizza with chicken and herbs. Really yummy. My kids prefer the plain cheese.


Emperor's Kitchen

 1022 S York Rd
Elmhurst, IL

Emperor's Kitchen

Pretty good lunch special. Food wasn’t greasy or too salty. I would definitely go back and try something else.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Lunch Special

Chicken was really crunchy, a little dried out, but okay. Fried rice was good, not greasy or salty. Really yummy. The egg roll was humongous, and pretty good. Not greasy, stayed very crispy. Fairly good meal. I would go back and try something else.


Mamma Maria's Pizza

 130 W Vallette St
Elmhurst, IL

Mamma Maria's Pizza-Elmhurst

Pretty good. I would definitely go there again. Our pizza was good, and we got a kids size pizza, which our kids really liked. It was nice and big, enough for two 3 year olds. Owner(s) are really nice and polite. Our service was fantastic. The waitress was very friendly, and on the ball. We never lacked for anything.

Garlic Bread

I could have made better garlic bread at home. The bread was way too hard, and I could see little balls of garlic powder all over the top of the bread.


We got a 16" pizza with sausage, onion, mushroom, and 1/2 black olive. It was really good. Maybe a little too many onions, but the second time we ate there, we asked them to go easy on the onion, and there was just the right amount. They definitely don’t skimp on the toppings. This was the first pizza we had when we moved to the Chicago area, and I wasn’t disappointed. I liked it quite a bit. And it tastes really good the next day, cold!


Chipotle Mexican Grill

 139 N York St
Elmhurst, IL


Pretty good—better than I assumed it would be for a fast food restaurant. Burritos are humongous! Not too bad of a price for the amount of food you get.

more rice/beans than meat - steak burrito at Chipotle Mexican Grill

steak burrito

I had a steak burrito, with pinto beans, rice, mild salsa, cheese, and guacamole on the side. It was a little spicy for me—not sure if it was the meat or the salsa they were suppos3ed to put on the side, but put in the burrito instead. But despite the spice, I was really good! I would go there again, and maybe try something different.


Hickory Roasters

 522 W North Ave
Elmhurst, IL

Rosticeria Los Fernandez

Fantastic!!! We love eating at this place, and I would recommend it to anyone. They also do catering, at very good prices. When we ate here, we ordered 1 1/2 chickens ($15), plus a quart of rice($5), quart of beans($5), mild salsa, and corn tortillas. I think we ate off this one order for 4 days. My husband and I ate it for supper twice, and I ate it for lunch 2-3 tiimes.
The chicken is so tender and delicious, and the rice and beans were really good. Their mild salsa was some of the best I have ever had.

Whole Roasted Chicken

The chickens are hickory roasted with giant green onions, and are fantastic! Just smelling them will make your mouth water. They are tender, juicy, and delicious!

Spanish Rice/Arroz

The price is for a pint of rice, which is good, and contains some veggies like carrots, lima beans, and something green—not sure if it was green bean or pepper. But it was good rice—not greasy, not gluey, not hard. Perfectly cooked.

MIld Tomato Salsa

This salsa is so good! Very tomato-ey, with just enough cilantro and minced onion. This is some of the best salsa I have ever tasted. They also have hotter salsa, which I did not try.

Refried Beans/Frijoles Refritos

This price is also for a pint. The beans were a tad salty when we had them , but they were very good. Better than most I have had at other restaurants.


The chips were homemade, and were very thick. They tasted a little like they had been fried in oil that needed to be changed. They were okay.


Dapper's Restaurant

 980 W Lake St
Addison, IL

Dapper's Restaurant and Pancake House

Overall, the food wasn’t bad. But not fantastic, either. The restaurant itself is beautiful, due to a remodel. The service was excellent! Our waitress was very friendly and on the ball. We didn’t lack for anything.
The children’s meals we ordered were pretty big, and our kids liked them a lot. We did get free dessert with our meals, which was nice. The piece of cake and the piece of pie we chose were huge! A little too sweet, but good.
The only odd thing was that all the meals, even the kids meals came with a giant wilted leaf of romaine lettuce and a big lemon wedge. I could have done without that.

Junior Turkey Club Sandwich Deluxe meal

The fries were great, and the chicken rice soup that came with the meal was good. The sandwich itself was blah. It had a huge stack of iceberg lettuce on it, which was pretty gross. Also, it was loaded with Miracle Whip! Ugh! The turkey was watery and didn’t have much taste to it.

Cheeseburger Deluxe meal

Cheese burger was okay, not flame-broiled or anything. Kinda tasted like a dirty grill. Fries were great, soup was good.

Kids Corn Dog meal

My son ate the majority of this meal, and he really enjoyed it.

Kids Chicken Tenders Meal

My son enjoyed this meal. He especially like the pear they served with it.

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