Hollies Flatiron Steakhouse

 1199 S I 35 Service Rd
Moore, OK

Great Place for Celebrating!

Hollies Flatiron Steakhouse is a very new restaurant in Moore, OK. Easy access to it off of I-35 and it is right in front of The Warren Theatre. I have visited there 3 times and haven’t ever been disappointed with any of the food I have ordered. The decor is southwestern, ranch house style. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming. The staff, waiters and waitresses are all top-notch with personality, efficiency and charm. In a nutshell the food is outstanding! The steaks are juicy. The salsas and sauces have a kick to them with a bit of Hatch Green Chile’s from New Mexico along with Chipotle & Habanero Peppers. The Hatch Green Chile cheeseburger is amazingly juicy and it has that perfect char-broiled flavor. The Chile Rellenos appetizer comes with two large peppers on the plate. Stuffed with cheese and grilled chicken and laying on a bed of roasted corn relish with peppers and onions. Hollies has a $25 Combo Special where you personalize your order. You can choose 2 items, a side dish and either a house or Caesar salad. I chose to go that way on my first visit. My two items were 1/2 pound of fried catfish and 1/2 rack of ribs, Southwest corn and a Caesar salad. My husband chose the Prime rib,roasted Yard Bird, roasted garlic mashed potatoes and the Hollies House salad. Excellent meal! We took our friends to Hollies for a casual evening out and we had the best time and they loved the food. We all had iced tea and not once did our glasses sit empty! Our waiter was funny and cute and very genuine. He didn’t seem like he was acting just to get a better tip. The menu has plenty of choices including a children’s menu. Even though Hollies has a spicy heat in many of their dishes the food listed for children is not spicy. My daughter and I went on game night for the OKC Thunder and all appetizers were 1/2 price! Love that they have a special like that for sports fans. We will continue to go to Hollies for a casual date night or for celebrating with friends and family!

Combo Special

Prime rib was pink and tender and flavorful. Yard Bird was roasted to perfection with a crispy outside and juicy inside. Roasted garlic mashed potatoes are not instant, they are peeled and mashed! House sald is great with Hollies Ranch dressing. Huge servings.

Combo Special

1/2 rack of barbequed short ribs were tender and the sauce was sweet yet had a slight background heat. The catfish was fried crispy and it was a bright white meat and didn’t have that muddy taste some catfish has, not fishy at all. The Southwest Creamed Corn was roasted or grilled corn in a cream cheese sauce with onions and peppers. Was spicy but not too much. The Caesar sald was great. Huge servings.

Pascaul's Chile Rellenos

2 large Pablano chilies come on the plate. They are breaded and deep fried but not greasy. They are stuffed with an ample amout of cheese and grilled chicken. The chilies are laying on top of a roasted corn relish. Very spicy and flavorful! One chile and a salad would make for a great lunch meal.

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