Story Hill BKC

 5100 W Blue Mound Rd
Milwaukee, WI

Unique and intriguing

My first visit to BKC was for breakfast. I saw many items on the menu that sounded appealing and had to narrow my choices down to one main dish, a potato side, and a danish. I live close by so I willl work my way through the menu eventually. I enjoy having a place to go to that is not the usual standard eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, and toast. I like the unique menu choices although I did have some questions, such as “What is Quark” and “How do you pronounce SHAKSHOUKA”? Our server was there to answer our questions and service was good.


Eggs baked in a spicy (could have been spicier IMO) tomato sauce with goat cheese, lentils, cilantro and Sumac mayo. Served with flatbread. I enjoyed this breakfast dish. Like I said, not your run of the mill breakfast. They are very GENEROUS with the cilantro!!! Fresh and leafy so if you are not a fan just pull it off but I enjoyed it. I liked scooping all of these ingredients onto my flatbread and eating it like toast with jam.


I am happy to have tried it but I was not blown away by it. I liked the Rosemary apple butter it came with better than the bisquit itself.

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