774 Boylston St
Boston, MA

So, I had pretty high expecations for...

So, I had pretty high expecations for L’Espalier, and most of them have been met. I ordered the pan seared foie gras, which was absolutely incredible. I think the only other place that made foie at this level was Clio.

I ordered duck for the main course, though it was delicious, I felt that the flavors could be pushed further.

The cheeses were amazing, but since I don’t know much about cheese, I won’t say too much about it.

Desert was a bit too big, and felt it was fairly standard fine-dining desert… so eh..

Overall, I’ll give it four stars because the service was excellent and the foie was out of this world, everything was delicious, but doesn’t warrant five stars.



 50 Clinton St
New York, NY

This is a truly... "different" modern fine...

This is a truly… “different” modern fine dining experience. The decor is very unassuming, but it is very nicely done — in a very subtle kind of way. The bathroom doors were really interesting.

The food was really amazing in the sense that it was almost impossible to describe. I naturally went for the foie as a appetizer — which was much rare than usual foie in fine dining establishments… the taste was very unusual and kept you on your toes.

The duck came with ginger granola, pomegranate, and mushrooms — a really interesting dish as well.

The food in general is very humorous, in fact the taste has actually made me laugh out-loud, which has never happened to me before.

Again, if you’re looking for a “fancy” romantic dining experience, don’t go here, but if you’re adventurous and want to try some real avant-garde cuisine, Wd-50 is excellent.



 75 Charles St S
Boston, MA

Had excellent duck there, and had a really...

Had excellent duck there, and had a really great wine menu over restaurant week. Highly recommended.



 945 W Fulton Market
Chicago, IL

I was really disappointed with this --...

I was really disappointed with this -- especially with a restaurant with so much hype. The food wasn’t particularly appetizing and the wait staff was really condescending. It was certainly avant garde-- but I suggest Clio in Boston or the Modern in NYC if you want something that is both innovative and delicious.


Trattoria dell' Arte

 900 7th Ave
New York, NY

An excellently reasonably priced restaurant...

An excellently reasonably priced restaurant with amazing steak and soups. One of the restaurants I frequent when I’m in New York.



 3 Winter Pl
Boston, MA

Fairly decent foie gras with an excellent...

Fairly decent foie gras with an excellent pepper steak. I might add that this place is so traditional, it’s almost amusing in a humorous way.


No. 9 Park

 9 Park St
Boston, MA

This is my absolute favorite restaurant....

This is my absolute favorite restaurant. There is nothing to complain about and everything to praise for. Chef Lynch is simply amazing — the food is fresh, innovative, and absolutely brilliant. I think I’m going to go again…. to the unfortunate demise of my wallet..


Upstairs on the Square

 91 Winthrop St
Cambridge, MA

Always had a good time here -- from a cozy...

Always had a good time here — from a cozy dinner to a corporate event. Although it’s not the absolute best food and service in town, it’s still pretty amazing.



 1 Bennett St
Cambridge, MA

I think that the problem with Rialto is that...

I think that the problem with Rialto is that it’s over hyped, and the chefs don’t pay enough attention to detail. Though the decor and ambiance is pretty cool.



 2 Harrison St
New York, NY

Nice decor, though the foie gras isn't the...

Nice decor, though the foie gras isn’t the best I’ve tasted. However, it’s pretty spacious for a New York City restaurant.

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