Chinatown Restaurant

 8934 W State Road 84
Davie, FL

Disappointing Treatment

I discovered this restaurant close to my neighborhood. At first, everything was good. I always ordered the same meal, special fried rice, white with no soy sauce. This was fine because they made it white. As time went on, they changed to fried with soy sauce because other customers requested it. Fine, but I still need without soy because my son is allergic. This is when the problem started. Sometimes it would come white and sometimes with soy. But I cannot keep the soy because my son is allergic. Mind you, I order from this restaurant, easy, 3 times per week. I spend a lot of money with them and always tip minimum 20% to the driver. One day, the order is wrong and the owner lady gets an attitude with me that I am always sending the food back when they send the soy. But my son is allergic so what option do I have. She got very rude about how I am wasting her food. I could not believe her reaction. I order white rice ALL of the time so because your chef does not get it right, I’m wrong??? Unbelievable. I made her give me a refund and will never buy from there again. I guess if you are a one time customer and don’t have special requirements, they will gladly take your money, but when it comes to accommodating their customers, they don’t need you. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!

Special Fried Rice


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