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There are times in life when I can skimp on quality; dinning is not one of them. Dinning is one of my way of finding out about the life and world.


35th Street Bistro

 709 N 35th St
Seattle, WA

A Fresh Start

A fresh Sunday could start from a fresh brunch at 35th Street Bistro.

Knowing that Fremont is always a good neighborhood to explore, I picked 35th Street Bistro, attracted by its intensive menu and positive reviews.

Being a French bistro, it’s very reasonably priced with good portion. So no worries about leaving hungry:)

An insider tip is that all the entrees either come or could substitute with fresh salad, which is only slighted dressed with olive oil. So be sure to ask for fresh salad or fruits, it will delight your whole day!

Smoke Salmon Omelete

Honestly speaking, it’s less tasty than the one in Julia’s Wallingford. I think the smoke salmon is too salty, but i like the fact that they insist using egg white for omelete.


Biscuit covered with one sunny side up egg. It’s a bit dry and creamy but biscuit comes very big.

kobe beef burger

i am not sure if they use the real kobe beef, cos the price would go much higher than this; but according to my frnd, it’s really big and yummy! hehe, that’s all that matters!

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