Ramada's Castaways Bar and Grill

 5000 Merle Hay Rd
Des Moines, IA

Castaway Bar and Grill -- Terrible all the way around

We visited your business the evening of December 28th. I stopped in to see if I could look at a menu and no one was aware of my presence for the 5 or so minutes that I waited. I finally took it upon myself to grab a menu and go back out by the pool. Once we decided what we wanted I again went back inside the restaurant, and no one was interested in helping. I went up to the bar and asked the Manager if I could order with him. He agreed, but would not write down any of the items I wanted to order, even after I told him I was ordering 6 meals. After telling him my order, he went over to the computer, and then asked me to repeat everything, which I did, but he still left off one of the dinners. He said it would be ready in 15-20 minutes, but when I came back in 20 minutes it wasn’t ready even though he said it almost done. Another 15 min went by and as I sat at the bar waiting, I was enlightened to the banter of the staff members bashing fellow patrons. Apparently a birthday party they had helped with didn’t go well but it was not the time or place for them to discuss it in front of customers. One of the staff had to get down 2 wine glasses, but was too short to reach them, so she opened up the fridge and stepped inside of it to reach. I am pretty sure that dirty shoes inside a fridge is not normal business practice; maybe a step stool is in order for the vertically challenged? Then the computers went down and the girls let it be known that the manger on duty was a real jerk about it, which is another thing that should not be discussed in front of customers; they were very unprofessional about it. The Manager finally brought out the meals, but advised me the pizza would be longer, and I would have to wait or come back. Not wanting the other dinners to get cold, I opted to get the rest of my party going with their food and would come back for the pizza. So now I am getting to the quality of the food. The Beef Nachos were cold, the cheese had been melted but was now a rubbery consistency, the menu did not state there would be jalapenos and olives, but there they were. We could barely pry them out of the rubberized cheese and there may have been a couple Tablespoons of something that resembled ground beef. The kids meals were chicken and fries, and the chicken was burnt, which left them with just fries. The salad that someone ordered wasn’t horrible, and the pizza was hot, but very very average. What a disappointing experience, from the food to the staff, your restaurant needs a makeover. I will be sure to share my experience with friends and family so they are not subjected to juvenile conversations from your staff, and incompetent manager and bad food.

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