974 Boulevard E
Weehawken, NJ

The most vile and disgusting experience ever!

I had the worst experience I have EVER had at a restaurant in my entire life. I have been to restaurants all over the country and have been to some places that were inexpensive but humble all the way to places that are five star restaurants, and your establishment is the worst. From the moment we arrived to the small lot with barely any parking, I should have taken this as a bad sign. Once inside, there were three hostesses who were all extremely rude and condescending. They were not accommodating of us because we were a party of five and claimed there was an hour wait when there were clearly many tables open and a couple of large tables that were finishing up their meals. They continued to be rude and arrogant. When we finally asked to speak to the manager, who miraculously found a table for us immediately, we were seated with the rudest, nastiest waiter, if he could even be called that. He never asked if we needed anything. After being seated for ten minutes without any water, I asked for water and was given an attitude. Then he only brings four cups instead of five, so when I mention we were missing one cup, he comes back with it and hands it to me in a condescending fashion with a smirk on his face. For someone who works for tips, he did not seem to want one. When I asked for my order, he did not mention the options of refried or black beans. He did not ask around the table if we wanted anything to drink. He was off in the corner playing on his phone. We finally had to start asking the bus boys for help. He never asked how was the food when it came out. The food was tough, over-cooked, and skimpy considering the notable price each plate has. The waiter ignored us the entire time. I do not pay good money for awful service, to be lied to my face about the wait time, and I will tell everyone I know about how poorly trained the hostesses and the old waiter with the glasses are. This is unacceptable.

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