Palmers Steakhouse

 122 E Capitol Dr
Hartland, WI

What is the hubub about

Went to Palmer’s at the recommendation of a relative who said it was a great place that was better than Kurt’s. He was wrong on both counts. The ambiance was somewhere between boring and depressing. The service was at best uninterested and at worst unfriendly. I suspect that the bread is bought from a local grocery store and nuked in a microwave before it is served in its paper packaging. Mushrooms come free with the steak but you only get a couple so what’s the point. The vegetable side consists of 2 cauliflower heads (a more foul weed, I do not know) and 2 broccoli heads. That’s it. I suspect both came from a can and were drenched in butter before being dumped into a dixie cup. The steaks are definitely not prime. At best, they are black angus. The bone in ribeye had more fat, grissle and seasoning than I expected. I also thought it would be bigger and thicker (that’s what she said).

Palmer does have some positives. The salad was healthy and satisfying. A solid B. The deep fried mushrooms stuffed with cheese and chorizo was memorable. In addition, I ordered my steak rare and it came out exactly that way. Lastly, I thought the prices were reasonable for a steak joint. Needless to say, I now know why I pay $40 for a ribeye at Ruth’s Chris.

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