Rock N Joe

 339 Bloomfield Avenue
Caldwell, NJ

Rocked out at Rock n Joes

We had notice this cool new coffee house a few times driving past. During the annual Caldwell street festival, we had popped in to grab a latte. They had a live band playing and the coffee house was packed from the festival. We took our seasonal flavored lattes and headed out with a promise to return for a closer look.

A few months later… It was a cold and rainy day when we returned. We shuffled in and took a seat at one of the booths. It was going to be a late weekday lunch for us. Our server brought us our menus that were tucked between two records. I swapped the Van Halen for the Police one. The whole place was dripping with rock memorabilia. It was like a down to earth Hard Rock.

We ordered a couple of their specialty hot drinks while we looked over the menu. I was impressed with the selection. This was going to turn out to be a healthy lunch. Thank goodness for the colored glass bottle full of cold water at the table since our cappuccinos took some time to prepare. Once they arrived, I realized they were made with love. We ended up ordering the soup of the day, which was delicious! It came with some bread triangles to get every last drop. We also ordered two of their sandwiches and swapped halves. Everything was great.

In the end I found it hard to leave since you can browse the memorabilia and corkboard for hours. Rock n Joe was a wonderful late lunch adventure and I can’t wait to go back again!

The Van Halen is in the background - Milky Way Cappuccino at Rock N Joe

Milky Way Cappuccino

Just look at the photos… Now that’s a cappuccino you can never get from Starbucks! The large mug was tall and the perfect shape for this drink. The barista drew these perfect chocolate and caramel pinwheels in the foam. I almost didn’t want to drink it, it was so pretty. Oh, but once I did… mmmmmmm

Soup of the day - Roasted Corn Chowder at Rock N Joe

Soup of the day - Roasted Corn Chowder

I believe the soup had crab and roasted corn. It had a nice spice and a wonderful flavor. We practically fenced with the spoons. The bread triangles were a must to clean the bowl.

Portobello and Brie

I ordered this sandwich with the mixed green salad. The salad was nothing special, it was a fresh field greens mix. The bread they used on this was delicious and made on premise from what I was told.

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