Indian Jewel of Toledo

 325 W Alexis Rd
Toledo, OH


When our order arrived it was clearly not what we had requested. The waitress refused to accept this, and insisted she had ‘confirmed the order twice’. This was blatantly untrue; we had ordered the Baigan Aloo and wouldn’t have ordered the Aloo Matter as it is described as ‘creamy’ and neither of us eat dairy. The waitress insisted that the creaminess comes from ‘creamy chili sauce’ and has no dairy content.
Regardless, it was not the dish that had been ordered.
We would have been happy to settle things calmly with the owner (simply with the requested dish being provided in place of the one we hadn’t asked for) but he was very rude and insisted on shouting that his waitress doesn’t lie and couldn’t possibly have made an error.
We paid for our appetizers (and got charged for a ‘complimentary’ salad also) and left. We won’t be going back.

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