16815 Caldwell Creek Dr
Huntersville, NC

Service is terrible

We went to the Huntersville IHOP restaurant. The person receiving was not present so we approach the person at the cashier’s post. She was apparently irritated and grudging pointing her finger at the receivers podium. She look at us like we were the dumbest couple in the restaurant. The receptionist arrived and we mentioned the rudeness of the person in front and she asked if wanted to talk to the manager and we declined. When we asked for a booth she asked a person (who turned out to be the Manager) if a booth was available and he said no. That was despite an empty booth which seems clean and with the utensils all ready to be used. So she took us to a table in the enclosed area and brought us the menu and beverages. We sat at the table for 15 minutes and nobody approached us. We asked one of the staff who was cleaning the tables beside us for help and she said she will call the server. Then she came back and said she was taking our order. We just got up and on our way out told the Manager about his rude staff and not getting served. In my irritation I forgot to tell him about the booth which was still vacant. I told him he just lost two customers including my adult children.

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