Pizza Hut

 1235 E Pierce St
Council Bluffs, IA

Worst Experience

Worst service/food quality I’ve EVER had at a pizza chain…

I tried to order online, after 20 minutes of waiting for the processing to be completed I finally call the store, spoke with the manager – a lady – who was completely rude. I had an email coupon for a free side for signing up for their emails. She rudely said she can’t help me if I wanted to use my coupon & hung up!

I called back after about 10 minutes (when I found out their online ordering would not work) and spoke with the same lady, after a very heated conversation she agreed to process my order. Then she says okay delivery will be about an hour. It took an hour and a half. My food was cold and the order was wrong! I called back explained this, she sent a driver out with the cheese sticks I had ordered, took back the breadsticks I didn’t order (which I hope to god they aren’t planing on reserving them bc we had touched them pulling them out of the box). Then we go to eat the food, the cheesticks & pizza was burnt but cold, the wings ordered were overcooked but cold with very little of the honey bbq sauce. I never order pizza from pizza hut, now I know why. I will never again order from them.

I have never felt like a manager was so uncaring & didn’t care about her customers as I did with this lady. She was VERY rude & if this is the kind of management pizza hut hires, its no wonder they have to offer such decent deals to attract customers, lets face it, I have told everyone in my house, my family & friends to avoid pizza hut. I will pay a little extra for GOOD food, HOT food, the CORRECT order, and most importantly – GOOD customer service – especially from managers.

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