Z Garden

 2350 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA

AWFUL! Don't bother!

AWFUL!!! We placed an order for delivery. They said it would take 45 minutes. Fine. 1 hour later still no food so I call them. “The guy is on his way” they respond. Two phone calls later the food finally arrives – almost 1 1/2 hours after I placed the order (we live 10 minutes from the place)!! Everything was cold! Plus they forgot the soda (which was on the receipt) and even worse the pita bread was moldy! Not just a bit of mold here and there – large areas of mold on 3 of the pita breads!!!! Disgusting! I ordered the steak pita sandwich which literally fell apart when I picked it up (I didn’t see mold on that although I didn’t even eat the pita bread part)! This was our second – and LAST experience with this place. Even when I spoke on the phone with them (3 times) they were not apologetic at all!!!

Steak pita sandwich

Fell apart. It was mostly pita bread with a few pieces of tough meat in it!

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