The Original Little Beefs

 4201 Church Rd
Mount Laurel, NJ

Beef with Little Beefs

Went to Little Beef’s with an entertainment coupon (designed to get new customers into restaurants, hoping they will become regular customers) and ordered a large pizza with half olives and half mushrooms. It very clearly stated in the menu half pizza toppings were $1.25 and whole pizza toppings $2.50. They charged us $2.50 each for the two toppings that were barely on each half of the pizza (there wasn’t much cheese on it either). I mentioned this to the server (who was VERY nice) and he was polite and agreed it should be $2.50 not $5.00 for the toppings. When I inquired the owner or manager just mumbled that’s right, we paid the “rip-off” price and left. Needless to say we won’t be returning to this establishment EVER AGAIN. (We did tip the server because it wasn’t his fault and he was very polite, had ALL the staff been as positive an experience, we would have returned and tried them again)

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