Meatball Mike's

 1280 Cranston St
Cranston, RI


My family and I stopped in to get lunch. The bartender/waitress took over 15 minutes to acknowledge us sitting at her bar. There was only 3 other people at the bar and one table occu;ied in the restaurant. A man was $1.80 short and she made a huge issue about it declaring outloud that she would have to pay for it out of her tips. She ranted & raved about if for over 30 minutes when some lady sitting at the bar next to the man offered to pay the $1.80 . The bartender told her to mind her own business. My husband and I was shocked at her total disrespect and rudness towards this situation. By the time our food came, i would say it was greesy and cold. No wonder the place was empty. We wont go back.

chicken wings

greesy and slopy and messy and cold

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