Everest Nepal Restaurant

 28 E Bijou St
Colorado Springs, CO

Decent Lunch Buffet

I read many reviews online before deciding to take a chance on the Everest Nepal Restaurant.

I found the restaurant to be enjoyable. The food was good and the service ok. I was seated immediately upon entering and given a glass of water, but had to wait 5 minutes before the waiter came back. I was late in the afternoon (1:30), so got the tail end of the lunch buffet. Because of this, the tandoori chicken was only warm, not hot, but still tasty. The rest of the food was delicious. The buffet only had a few items, and my favorite butter chicken was, unfortunately, not one of them. They did however, have some traditional vegetarian dishes, including a chana masala (chick peas). They also had other chicken dishes besides the tandoori. The na’an bread was good, but again, some of it had been sitting too long.

I would definitely consider going to this restaurant again but preferably closer to the lunch rush.

Lunch Buffet

The buffet could use more items and be kept fresher. Overall if you can catch it during the busier times I suspect it would be great, but with limited choices.

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