Delorenzo's Italian Restaurant

 1210 Knox Avenue
Easton, PA

Management is HORRIBLE

I’ve eaten at this restaurant 3 times. First time, the food was far too spicy, and the owner stated that the dish was “spicy”. Well, all I could taste was the pepper as my eyes watered… 2nd time food was good and the experience delightful. This last time though, HORRIBLE. I ordered a well done steak, as did a second person in my party. Both steaks were charred black on one side… to the point of where you’re eating crumbly, dry, horridly bitter, burned meat. Owner stops by the table and has the audacity to argue that we should have ordered “medium well”. She then continues to argue when I show her how badly burnt the meat is. I will never patronize this establishment again.

Filet Minon

a “well done steak” is NOT Charred black. It was disgusting and ruined my appetite. This was also NOT just one dish, but two in my party. Owner was exceedingly rude, argumenative, and completely unprofessional.

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