Trattoria Saporito

 328 Washington St
Hoboken, NJ

HORRIBLE MANAGER/OWNER - Rude, rude, rude!


Last night we had a horrible experience with the manager/owner.

I called Trattoria Saporito last night (Sat 11/30/13) spoke to the manager and asked for a reservation.

He told me they do not take reservations, except for people who have a Groupon offer. I said I would check into it and hung up.

I looked on Groupon and found a Fri/sat/Sun night offer for $30 that included an appetizer, two entrees and two beverages. It seemed like a good deal, so I bought it for $30.

I then called the restaurant right back and said I’d like to make a reservation, and that I had the Groupon offer. The manager/owner then told me they were not taking any more reservations for Groupon holders that night!

I pointed out that 5 minutes before, he recommended I get the Groupon in order to make the reservation. He began arguing with me and told me I took too long (5 minutes) and that all the reservations were taken. I started to protest, at which point he hung up on me.

So, I basically spent $30 on his restaurant, and then he wouldn’t let me get the service I had already paid for!

WHAT THE F—-?!?!?

What kind of manager/owner treats his customers this way?

We live nearby so we went to the restaurant and it was only half full. I requested a seat by the window, and the host said ‘no problem.’ Then I asked to speak to the manager.

When he arrived I pointed out that his restaurant was about to seat us, but he had said only 20 minutes before that they couldn’t seat us because of the Groupon offer.

So, he started ARGUING with us again!

We were trying to spend money at his establishment and he is treating us like garbage!

I told him I would write a bad review, and he said he is the Manager and the Owner and that I should ‘go ahead and do it’.

So here it is, Sir, a negative review for treating your customers badly, giving a bad recommendation, lying about the available tables, and then even making a scene in your own restaurant, loudly arguing, embarrassing your diners, embarrassing us, and embarrassing yourself.

Shame on you! This is no way to treat your customers and is inexcusable.

You said to go ahead and post a bad review. So, I plan to post this review elsewhere to warn all customers not to do business with your establishment.

Do not dine here as the manager/owner doesn’t know how to treat paying customers, and doesn’t care when they protest his rotten treatment.


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