50 E Grand Ave
Chicago, IL

I don't know what happened to the review I...

I don’t know what happened to the review I just posted. How annoying!

But here’s what I said about this place in a nutshell: not impressive.

For a place that is in downtown Chicago, I would expect a tastier batch of sushi. Not this place. In fact, it’s quiet STATUS QUO. For a place named after the japanese word for “delicious”, this place misses the mark. I would expect their type of sushi from a place like House of Sushi and Noodles; I expected better from this place.

Not only are their sushi just average, service is below average as well. Waitress did not introduce herself. Hardly checked up on us. At least she paid attention to my water. O yes, I forgot to mention, they don’t wait for you to finish your appetizer before they bring on the main dishes. That is a big turn-off for me, when they don’t wait for you to finish your soup, edamame, or watever you’re having for appetizer!

Dessert menu is disappointing as well. It consists of only 1 item: mochi ice cream. BLAH. Thanks but no thanks.

This place? EH. Nothing special really. Not impressed. Would rather go to House of Sushi and Noodles, since they have the same caliber of their sushi.

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