50 E Grand Ave
Chicago, IL

I don't know what happened to the review I...

I don’t know what happened to the review I just posted. How annoying!

But here’s what I said about this place in a nutshell: not impressive.

For a place that is in downtown Chicago, I would expect a tastier batch of sushi. Not this place. In fact, it’s quiet STATUS QUO. For a place named after the japanese word for “delicious”, this place misses the mark. I would expect their type of sushi from a place like House of Sushi and Noodles; I expected better from this place.

Not only are their sushi just average, service is below average as well. Waitress did not introduce herself. Hardly checked up on us. At least she paid attention to my water. O yes, I forgot to mention, they don’t wait for you to finish your appetizer before they bring on the main dishes. That is a big turn-off for me, when they don’t wait for you to finish your soup, edamame, or watever you’re having for appetizer!

Dessert menu is disappointing as well. It consists of only 1 item: mochi ice cream. BLAH. Thanks but no thanks.

This place? EH. Nothing special really. Not impressed. Would rather go to House of Sushi and Noodles, since they have the same caliber of their sushi.


Blu Coral

 1265 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL

Really good quality sushi from this one,...

Really good quality sushi from this one, except albeit pricey. The rolls are small for the price, but hey, rolls aren’t supposed to be huge anyway! I always order some sort of salmon roll when I go here. Try the Pink Cadillac (salmon heaven)! It’s great!

I also usually order their 10 oz filet mignonn steak. It’s great. It comes with grilled vegetables and they have a special sauce that is very good. It also comes with a scoop of sweetened mashed sweet potato (if you can believe you can make sweet potato sweeter)… it’s really good.

Service is ok. We’ve kind of become a regular at this restaurant so one of the servers knows us. When she serves us, she’s great. Even hooked us up with a free gift card. But when it’s other servers, the service is OK. At one point, we probably ate here once every week. Haha.

I recommend this place for the sushi. Ambiance is good too, very modern. They have drink specials and customer appreciation days. Stop reading and go now!


Chicago Chop House

 60 W Ontario St
Chicago, IL

Recently went here with friends who love...

Recently went here with friends who love steak. Walked up to the front door, where they knew that we were walking in so they opened the door for us. They greeted us warmly and led us to our table right away. Very friendly staff. They also had coat check so that was a plus. Ambiance was pretty good. Not too loud, lighting was just right. The servers really pay attention to you. Water refills was no problem. Server was very accomodating to our needs.

As far as the steak, each of us had a steak. One had filet mignon, another had another 32 oz steak [i forget which one he ordered] and I got a 12 oz. NY strip. The steaks were very very tender and quite tasty. Mine was ordered medium, and it came out medium. It was great. Mashed potatoes, though, were a little too salty for my taste.

Didn’t have room for dessert, so ordered plain coffee. Nothing special about it, but I like to end every meal w/ coffee.

Ended up w/ half my steak in a doggie bag. That steak was huge. Bring an appetite if you end up coming here.

I would recommend this place to friends. Enjoy!


Signature Room at the 95th

 875 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL

Went here to celebrate my birthday this year....

Went here to celebrate my birthday this year.

The atmosphere is pretty nice. I mean, you’re on the 95th Floor of the Hancock! So nice views. We were fortunate enough to be seated next to the windows, however we were facing the north side of the city, which was ok.

As far as the service, it wasn’t the greatest. I felt it impersonal. I mean, the waiter was nice but we had a number of waiters that night — one giving us bread, another for water, and then another one gave us our food. So I thought that was a big impersonal for such a high-end place.

Now for the food. I think I had a New York Strip which was pretty tasty. Arvin had a Filet Mignon. He asked for it butterflied but they did not give it to him that way. It was okay in the middle so he said he’d keep it, though the waiter did offer to replace it (and then what, wait another 45 mins for steak? ha!). The part that annoyed me was that when Arvin ordered it butterflied, I noted that the waiter DID write it on his notepad to have it butterflied. And it still came out wrong. Again, I expected better for a supposedly high-end restaurant.

As far as appetizers go, I forgot what we had (it was some complicated name) but it was good. Overpriced for the amount that you get but that is expected.

All in all, I think this restaurant is a bit overrated. Romantic, true. But service is less than average in my opinion, and there is lack of attention to detail.

I don’t think I’ll go back here again. If you’re a Chicagoan, then maybe this is a thing that you HAVE to do here in Chicago but otherwise I think you can find better restaurants and better service for a lower price.


Gene & Georgetti's Restaurant

 500 N Franklin St
Chicago, IL

Great steakhouse. Went there for lunch and...

Great steakhouse. Went there for lunch and they were gracious enough to give us the dinner menu when we asked. Service was great. The waiter was friendly and super awesome. Attentive to our needs and even gave me a bigger cut of my salmon (they didn’t have the lunch-sized salmon) free of charge.

Tried the steaks from my friends and it was really good. I forgot what they were though — this review is really late and we ate there about a month ago or so.

Atmosphere here is very Chicago-ish. Good stuff. Would recommend to everyone and I will return, this time for STEAKS. lol.


Todai Restaurant

 [163-399] Woodfield Mall
Schaumburg, IL

I remember when Todai first opened and it was...

I remember when Todai first opened and it was such a big deal.

Now, all I see is overpriced buffet.

Sushi quality, I think, is not the greatest. The hot food is okay. What I really like are their dessert options. But that’s about it.

Today = blah in my book.


Ruth's Chris Steak House

 431 N Dearborn St
Chicago, IL

I went to this restaurant after driving around...

I went to this restaurant after driving around downtown and finding no parking for Billy Goat’s Tavern. Arvin had been here before and he loves steaks. I’ve never been here, hence a review from me!

Anyway, this place is a little on the high-class end of restaurants. Good service (though our waiter was a big slow). O yes, I haven’t mentioned, this is a steakhouse! They cook their steaks in an 1800 degree F broiler and serve it on a 500 degree F plate (careful not to touch it!!!) so that your steak does not get cold as you eat.

Anyway, we ordered a bottled spring water and red wine for Arvin (i forget which kind he ordered). Arvin had cesar salad for starters and I stuck with the house bread (which was delicious with the butter). We then had our steaks. I think he got a filet, butterfly cut… and I had a ribeye. I ordered mine medium.

The steak was really really really good. It was probaby the best steak I’ve ever had! I thought my Ribeye was better than Arvin’s filet. The fat in the ribeye (i did not eat it… i sliced it all off) gave it so much flavor. Pair the steak with the mashed potatoes, and it was perfect. Their mashed potatoes were really good as well.

I only finished half of my steak. I gave the rest to Arvin. heheh. He was all too happy to finish it. Afterwards, I had my usual cappuccino (this is slowly becoming a habit of mine) after my meal.

Overall, I would return to this place again. The steak is great. The price is a little on the higher end, but you get really good quality food. My only qualm is that the 500 degree plates cooked my steak while i was eating so it was slowly becoming well-done as i ate.


Uncle Julio's Hacienda

 855 W North Ave
Chicago, IL

Another Mexican restaurant review from me! I...

Another Mexican restaurant review from me! I already mentioned before that nothing can beat Dos Reales’ taste as far as Mexican foods go (located in Champaign, IL). However, I must contend that Uncle Julio’s comes pretty close. The food was really good. The service was pretty good as well. They even gave us FREE desert b’cuz it was our first time there. The owner also came and greeted us and hoped that we would return there in the future.

The bad part is the parking. They have a lot, but it’s VALET. urgh!!! Also, they don’t serve HORCHATA. What kind of Mexican restaurant are you if you don’t have Horchata? I was very disappointed about that.

Otherwise… a good place to eat and have awesome conversations! I shall return, Uncle Julio!



 358 West Ontario Street
Chicago, IL

I guess I expected more from this restaurant....

I guess I expected more from this restaurant. It’s located in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, very close to Reza’s on Ontario. Anyway, the food was pretty tasty. No complaints there. The guacamole was great. But I think the service needs some improvement. The hostess was very nice, though, which was a plus. However, our waiter was okay. He could have done a better job in my opinion. Anyway! Besides the average service, the food was otherwise good. And they have a wide variety of tequila (it’s also a tequila bar). I only know Patron, I didn’t know so many more tequila existed! The guacamole was excellent, the entrees were good (sorry guys, i forgot what they were called), the desert and drinks were fabu.

The only thing that annoyed me was the service. So instead of 4 stars, I am giving them 3. Sorry Zocalo! I will return again in the future and I hope I get a better waiter!


Rockit Bar & Grill

 22 W Hubbard St
Chicago, IL

What can I say about Rockit? Well it's a...

What can I say about Rockit? Well it’s a little on the crowded side, but what the hey. Sweet potato fries are GREAT. New York Steak was great too…. but what’s really good is their KOBE BURGER. That thing melts in your mouth. I’m normally not a fan of thick beef, but this does not even count. It’s thick, about 1 inch thick kobe beef, but it’s soooooo friggin delicious. Y’all have to go to Rockit and get that Kobe burgeR!

O yes, drinks r expensive. I had a disgusting Cosmo (urgh that guy did not know how to make it) which cost me 9 bucks. But their 007 was good. Try it!

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