Mohan's Restaurant

 7324 Saltsburg Rd
Pittsburgh, PA


Really? Award winning my A$$!!!
So my wife and I have been to Mohans 3 times since we moved to the area a year and a half ago. The first time we went during the week around noon. The place was lightly staffed and took 15 min to even get our drinks. Mind you there was only 2 other guests in the entire place…. the food was decent and reasonably priced so we took my parents there a few months later. This time we went around dinner time. First the server didn’t acknowledge us for 25 min! But we saw her at the bar flirting the entire time so she wasn’t busy. When I flagged down the hostess to get our drinks she brought them and one of the glasses were cracked and went all over our table. 15 minutes later our server finally shows up and throws us a towel then disappears for another 10 minutes. Once again had to flag the hostess for more drinks. Finally we get our food ordered. Waited another 20 minutes…. all our food was dry and room temperature… Now our most recent visit on 12/14/13. My wife and I went there on a sat evening and sat at the bar. Thinking OK this is our last chance since they claim to have award winning wings… we order 18 mild buffalo wings and 2 drinks. Our wings came out and the ends were literally freezing to the touch. I had the bartender feel them and u could tell he knew it but still snared at me and took them away. 10 minutes later they came back out…well it was extremely obvious that’s all was done was they heated up more sauce and put them on the wings. Because they were still freezing cold!! When I commented again he said “your wings were by an open window.”. WTF!!!! He then gave us our bill… $52!!! Are you serious???? I paid it with a $8 tip because I’m not a dick but that’s the last money Mohans will ever get from me! Stay far away from this money pit. There are ten other great bars and wing places nearby… BTW we left and went over to McDonalds. At least it was hot..


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