Garden China Restaurant

 2074 Sproul Rd
Broomall, PA

Best Chinese Food This Side of China!

I’m attending grad school here, and for Valentine’s Day, my husband (at home in California) found Garden China on a website. Seeing that they had good reviews and delivered, he ordered me an incredibly wonderful several-course meal that showed up at my door at dinnertime on Valentine’s Day. It was piping hot, and literally the best Chinese food I’ve had this side of China (and I’ve traveled widely there three times).
Their pecan chicken was fantastic, as were the green beans. There was a lot of food, and it lasted me for several days, both lunches and dinners. And the leftovers tasted just as good three days later—a real accomplishment!
This is authentic Chinese cuisine at its best—nothing Americanized with red sauce all over everything! The chicken was cut in small pieces, and the beans were very, very tender.
This place is definitely a WINNER, and I plan to become a regular customer for my remaining six months here!

Pecan Chicken


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