Old Shanghai Cafe

 21040 Frederick Rd
Germantown, MD

Never again will I order from them

I was searching for a new Chinese restaurant in my area of Germantown, Md and found this place. I have eaten @ plenty of Chinese places and are willing to try new things, but as for this time I wish I wouldn’t of. I didn’t enjoy the Moo shi pork it had a fishy smell/taste and my spring rolls had shrimp in them. I was so disappointed in their food and will tell everyone that I know how terrible it is!!!!!! I can’t believe the prices for the quality is gross!!! Good luck to anyone who takes a chance as I did. Back to Mr. K’s<3

Moo shi pork

Tasted and smelled like fish!!! Worst Moo shi pork I have ever eaten!!!!!

Spring Roll

I ordered spring rolls because I like them better but they were greasy and had shrimp in them when I have never gotten spring rolls that have shrimp in them before. I called to ask if they messed up and maybe thought I said Shrimp and not Spring. The lady insisted that spring rolls always come with shrimp. That is not not and i know because I always order them. So much for ever returning to Old Shanghai Cafe!!!!!!

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