2357 S. Tamiami Trail
Venice, FL

WORST restaurant experience EVER

Hands down the most horrible experience I have had ever had at a restaurant in my entire life. We LITERALLY waited over 40 minutes for our food which was “all you can eat spaghetti”. When she brought it out we asked if my significant other could order a second bowl at that time because we could not wait another 40 minutes. 15 minutes later his second serving came out, brought by the owner who said " it’s hard feeding all these people, you aren’t the only ones who have to wait", and he walks away. Then our server brought the bill. They actually had the nerve to charge us for his second Diet Pepsi, (because they have bottles, not a fountain) which he wouldn’t have had to order if we hadn’t waited so long on the food. AND THEN the icing on the cake as we are walking out the door, the owner YELLS, bye, hope to never see you again!!! I turn around and said “excuse me??” He comes up and yells “I SAID BYE, HOPE TO NOT SEE YOU AGAIN, GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!!!!!!” Literally, all we said to the waitress was we can’t wait another 40 minutes. Judging by some of the other reviews we haven’t been the only ones treated rudely and subjected to the owners insanity. This place needs shut down!!!!!!

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Melk333 reviewed Amore's