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I’m a big sushi fan, which means most of my reviews will be of that. It’s replaced the standard italian or steakhouse faire that you might have seen otherwise. I’ll try to sprinkle those in as well :-)


Sushi Me

 1299 156th Ave Ne, Ste 145
Bellevue, WA

New Sushi on the Round in Bellevue

I do love my Kaiten sushi places, and so far there has been slim competition on the Eastside of Seattle. First, there is sushiland, which in Redmond is pretty abysmal Bellevue isn’t much better, and Southcenter is laughable. Next, there was Sushi Yama. For a good long time I was a staunch fan of Sushi Yama, recently they’ve made small changes to quantity but nothing major and I’m glad to see them getting a regular crowd.

However, Sushi-E has just opened up outside the main entrance of the Crossroads Mall. Previously Romeos, this stylish kaiten restaurant doesn’t disappoint. The portion sizes are good, the selection is large, and they offer other traditional Japanese dishes such as Udon and Chicken Katsu. Prices start at 1.50, and top out at 4.00. This is a touch higher than usual, but due to location, quality, and style I’m willing to shell it out.

I’ve been twice so far and both times service has been prompt and attentive. I’ve also started to see a lot of familiar faces from other sushi joints around the area. This tells me good things are happening here.

Green Dish

Beans and the like

Blue Dish

Tuna, other medium fishes

Red Dish

Hamachi, Chicken Katsu

Purple Dish

Udon, Special Nigiri

Black Dish

Spider Roll, other premium items.

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