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Surprisingly, even though completely food obsessed, I don’t have any weight issues! I suppose being selective and incredibly picky has something to do with it. When I say good things about a restaurant, it has passed MY tests and this says a LOT.


Kin's Wok Restaurant

 222 W 21st St
Norfolk, VA

90% Excellent

You’ve undoubtedly heard the tale of the gal, “when she was good, she was very very good, but when she was bad, she was rotten (or horrid, depending on version!)”? Well, Kin’s Wok could be her restaurant! When they are good, they are very very good, excellent even! Thankfully this is a good solid 90% of the time. But if its a bad night, and theres no telling what makes for their bad night, you can really order several items and have nothing taste satisfactory. The difference between this place on a good or average night to a bad night is stark. You’d almost swear you were eating in completely different restaurants. I don’t know if its maybe some specific cook or what but I will say, a few years ago I ate there quite frequently, and then, there were no bad nights. I’d like for them to get back to that level of consistently being excellent again.

Okay, now all that being said, please bear in mind THEY ARE GREAT 90% OF THE TIME. It is well worth risking a 10% night to allow yourself the pleasure of their average taste sensations. I include this info as I’d hate someone to read a glowing review with nothing but praise and end up there on one of those rare off nights. So if you go and get there and its just kinda not so good, go back again! You are incredibly unlikely to get 2 bad nights in 2 visits. I don’t think I ever have. Its really like 1 out of 10 to 15 visits thats not so good.

They do many items in classic New York style Chinese food. They have items that most others do not carry such as sesame pancakes and shrimp toast. They have absolutely the best Moo Shui Beef I’ve had anywhere. Just go with what you like or what sounds good to you. Nearly everything on the menu is great (90% of the time).

If you are not into spicy things, ask the level of spiciness of what you are interested in ordering. Most things can have their spice level altered to suit your preferences but believe them when the menu says something is HOT! It REALLY is!

The restaurant itself does not look impressive. They have a half dozen or so tables with chairs. Not elaborate at all and more like old timey fast food (before the chains took over fast food!) than like a finer dining Chinese restaurant. It is a comfortable atmosphere though and often customers mingle and strike up conversations table to table. There is usually a number of people waiting for their take out orders too as really, the bulk of their business is take out or delivery.

And that, today, in this area, is one of the wonderful things about Kin’s Wok! They deliver!!! Do not however assume you are within or outside of their delivery area! Call and ask! Some places you would think would be in it are not, some you would think likely too far or outside delivery area are regular delivery areas. So call and ask! When you do get delivery from them, they are almost always very accurate with the time frame they quote on the phone and delivery people are very nice so try to make sure to tip them at least as well as you’d tip a waitress or waiter serving you the same price meal. They work very hard all night and I know so often delivery people get missed for tipping so I just like to remind people its totally appropriate to tip your delivery people!

Try this place for yourself. Once you do, you’re almost certain to become a regular whenever nearby. Its just that kind of place.

Moo Shui Beef

Tender beef, perfectly cooked vegetables in perfectly seasoned and blended sauce. Their pancakes are always fresh and stay moist in the little wrap they put on them. The plum sauce is very tasty. And you get a TON of food with one order! Way more than I’d think any normal eater could eat in one meal. This is a good meal to split with someone or to create planned leftovers for another night. I am not a big leftovers person but their moo shui beef tastes just as good, almost even better sometimes, a day or so later. Its one set of leftovers I’ve rarely tossed out. Oh and the dish does come with a small container of white rice. Their rice is almost always quite good for plain ordinary white rice. I don’t think I’ve ever had it be sticky or hard and undercooked. It tends to have a nice flavor too (for whatever flavor plain white rice ever really has that is).

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