Border Cafe

 483 Stanton Christiana Rd
Newark, DE

Border Cafe - Used to like it -- Won't go again

My family and I used to dine at Border Café once or twice a week. I loved it, my family not so much. Sometimes the food isn’t so great. My husband’s eggplant with crab sauce is always overdone and hard as a rock or underdone and hard as a rock. He has sent the same dish back a number of times.
But this past Easter Sunday was an experience, and it was not a pleasant one.
The meal was okay, my vegetarian black bean burro was lukewarm on the outside and stone cold in the center. I ordered Jose’s rice and black beans; I received a double portion of Jose’s rice. I’m not a complainer and I could take the food home and heat it up for dinner. My daughters are always picky, but they had nothing to complain about.
So what went wrong, you ask? My one daughter wanted to take a quesadilla or burger to her boyfriend because he was working. Imagine our surprise and total shock when the waiter said that we couldn’t take a meal to go (which we have done many times in the past), because the management doesn’t permit it. We asked for the manager, still unbelieving.
The manager had the nerve to say that their food was so fresh and delicious that they didn’t want it to go out of the restaurant, because the freshness and perfection would be ruined. So my bean burro was fresh and perfect? I didn’t get half of it and the rest of it was cold. The manage skipped over my complaint. He walked away from us, which was unbelievable.
My daughter called him back and tried to talk to him. She said she was still hungry and wanted to place another order. She had every intention of eating half of a burger and taking the rest to her boyfriend. The manager told her that she had used the “To Go” words, so he didn’t believe that she would eat it in the restaurant and that once those words have been said, the restaurant will not serve a customer any further.
The other daughter furiously interrupted and indicated, unfortunately loudly and in language I don’t approve of, how stupid the policy was and that she didn’t like being called a liar. Everyone in the restaurant stared. It was very embarrassing.
My family has always indulged me in wanting to go to Border Café because of my enjoyment of the food and the reasonable prices, but we won’t be back. I won’t put up with such rude and derogatory treatment. No customer should be subjected to such treatment. Too bad the owner wasn’t available.

Vegetarian Black Bean Burro, Jose's Rice

Cold and incomplete order

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